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The key responsibility of the Ministry Finance committee is to coordinate and conduct all the financial transactions through mass collections, solicitations and fundraising events of everyone endorsed and commissioned by the Ministry.  The committee is also commissioned to report these financial transactions to the clergy board and to the Ministry membership as a whole.  We have both a business account and a money savings account.  Kindly refer to the in-coming attached documents for a more detailed look at these accounts as well as the accounting reports of the respective major religious events we have during the year.

It is the vision of the finance committee to develop a systematic way of handling all collections of these major religious events through the help of many volunteer representatives of the parishes involved.  Everything has to be in accord with the diocesan guidelines and policies regarding the handling of fiduciary responsibilities within the diocese of Orlando.  The qualified volunteer members of the finance team are given a three-year term in conjunction with the changes of leadership within the clergy board.  To date, the present team, through its regular monthly meetings, is in the process of presenting a yearly budget to the ministry’s major religious events based on the past  annual records on file.  We humbly ask you to be patient with the present leadership of both our clergy and lay in their efforts to implement the committee’s vision and fulfillment of these key responsibility areas.

Finance Board

CHAIRMAN: Fr. Glen Lopez


  • Fr. Kenny Aquino 
  • Fr. Ramon Bolatete 
  • Fred Vino  
  • Sally Andraneda
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Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

Fr Kenny Aquino
Fr Archie Faustino
Fr Raul Caga
Liturgy & Spirituality
Fr Glen Lopez
Mimi Maja
FMO Website Coordinator
Fr Mariano Catura

  Pastoral Care & Formation

Mila Ecle
FMO Events Coordinator

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